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This was the second manned mission to land on the Moon in November It is quite incredible that this is unthinkable considering all the technology we have created since, and even when we did put humans on the Moon the technology then was reasonably simple. It is now that is the great time to think about what and how we can approach the subject of putting humans on another planet called Mars because we have greater understanding about what is to be expected.

Although there is now the human hunger to explore another planet, before we start we cannot rush our planetary assist, in that Mars is a very hostile place with many dangers with the main one being radiation, much less the long journey that will bring about unknown physical and psychological problems with the crew.

We have a lot to learn even to this day. Of course we have gathered our thoughts and great knowledge about how many achievements we have but sending humans to Mars will be like the biggest teenage exam we can pass; the biggest test yet to mark our place in human endeavour. If we get this right and use all our resources wisely, even if at a cost of a few lives to many if supposing we end up living on another planet because something terrible happens on Earth we can use these resources to pull us into the correct technological and psychological orbit that will then allow us to be propelled into the right position for sustaining our very life form on another planet and how great is that?

An amazing feat. So far, along with three orbiters at the moment surveying Mars - Odyssey, Mars Express then the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and two probes or lab buggies, Opportunity and Curiosity, we know they have given us great insight into how the planet Mars behaves. We have gathered the data and even analysed the Martian soil.

We have fantastic images of the surface of Mars that has inspired us to seek more. We know for now, our curiosity will take us to that planet at some point, we just have to find the right one. NASA on the other hand, is on the board with a manned mission in about called Mars Direct event. The idea is that it is cheaper sending people and not returning them. There is still a lot to learn from not returning because of our great communication abilities that will be improved by that time. A more recent American non-profit organisation called Inspiration Mars Foundation that was founded by Dennis Tito is to put a manned mission on a fly-by to Mars.

Initially this event is to use the way the planets are aligned and maximise energy in order to use less fuel and that year is good because we get the most cost effective method for a Mars fly by. This is a reasonable step in my opinion because it will focus on the travel 1st to as opposed to the stay on the planet itself, which could be premature. The need to take things step at a time is a good strategy at least and we can learn a lot from a fly by, then hopefully the next step, not in the too distant future, is to land there one day, to live out our teenage dreams and explore the once barren but exciting potential wasteland of Mars.

By Albert Einstein the theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity. The Pink Star on this website in space art section and my twitter background image - my pic. In science there is a process called hypothesis where theories are created that are later proven. Imagination and inductive thinking, is part of a large part of hypothesis used in science. Hypothesis is the start of a theory that the scientist uses to make assumptions about a theory before it is proven, using deductive logic. Later a hypo deductive technique is often used. The same process of hypothesis can be achieved in art, especially in astronomy and space art.

An example is creating a picture to represent a world on another planet that we might not be able to see in our current time. Science meets Art. Space art is a valid way of creating those imaginary worlds where the space artists is responsible for making the worlds come alive — they are creating a hypothetical world. This is very important in science and astronomy because it can illustrate an idea in a visual way to suggest how something could be. The subjects of exoplanets and the processes of distant stars in astrophysics are often explained using space art, so in this sense imagination plays an important part in both science and art.

The study of art enables the mind to produce 3 Dimensional rotations, detail and analysis of objects surface and their place in space. Later is explained in more detail here. Countdown to The Quote of the Month 2: In maths and physics this function aided a greater description of a topic changing our way of thinking. Imagination forms the basis of thinking in pictures and 3 dimensional shapes allowing many new ideas to form.

In art and science, imagination has played and still plays a great part in the thinking up and reasoning of three-dimensional spaces. These three axes are based on the Cartesian coordinate system and form the basis of our reality and mental structure about it and are used in mathematics and ultimately physics and astronomy. In mathematics in particular, linear algebra deals with three dimensional spaces that are represented by these 3 separate vectors.

When adding another vector, it begins to sum up the non-Euclidean spaces once used by one of the most famous physicists of our time, Albert Einstein his theory of general relativity. Adding the 4th vector to Geometric Euclidean space co-ordinates represents time, which later becomes the curved space-time geometry known in the theory of general relativity. Today we use general relativity for earth-orbiting satellites clocks. General relativity that includes time, as extra co-ordinate, goes into the realm of gravitational time dilation of satellites clocks. Interestingly, going back to the original subject of imagination when referring to some of my tweets on twitter about using imagination to understand how things work, I mention its use in astronomy.

This next excerpt in straight brackets is a tweet from my twitter feed:. Trajectory of a planet is start of astronomy]. Not that hard…seriously! I go onto say that thinking about interstellar space is good for 4 the brain. I later say that the first astronomers didn't have animated diagrams online but had to use their heads. This was suggesting a way of them using their primitive imagination to grasp the subject of planet orbits. For example, before we had the use of animated diagrams online and pictures in books along with mathematical symbols and words to describe ideas and theories, in those days people had no other choice but to use their imaginations along with symbols used in maths and words to learn about science.

After that I tweeted that I tweeted:. This is a very good example of how utilise your imagination but not only to think about how things are in 3 D looking at the star for example but to also how to imagine your orbiting the star and then imagining how it would rotate if supposing the star is that type of star that would rotate, like a Neutron star that rotates very quickly - new Neutron stars can rotate up to a hundred times a second, eek!

If you did imagine a Neutron star rotating that fast, to see imagine any detail you would have to slow down the process in your mind to get it right anyway but it depends on how good your imagination is. Later you could,. I then tweeted:. After that I tweeted this lot:. If kids can get the 1st bit then they can get the second].

Back to easy peasy. I was an attempting in tweets, how to describe, how to learn abstract thinking Lorentz transformations used in the equations in linear algebra that form the Lorentz transformations, but from the angle of….. It was a big jump but it got my imagination going. Talking of going, go back to the part of the thinking of Special Relativity but from a massive jump from the thinking used in General Relativity, then from further still, back to how to imagine interstellar space and my tweets about visualising planets etc… this makes some sense, apart from the fact that my tweets went forward on my twitter page and had hoped that without people knowing, they were to grasp the general ideas I have put here.

Countdown to The Quote of The Month 1:This function is the basis of another subject and when combined with science creates a noetic balance. The imagination is a big part of the subject of art, if not the main one. Art uses the visual part of processing to represent our reality. Mental pictures describing detail and our abstract thinking of form and shape, hence geometric space, are later realised using a medium like paint on a flat surface of a piece of paper.

Art creates this basis of how we grasp the word, which when combined with visual memory, are all to do with our imagination. Albert Einstein did say that he used a more muscular thinking that was lacking in words and symbols. Imagination in other things. Imagination is the basis of creativity because it enables the human mind to combine and change structures of ways of knowing to create new ideas.


This means that imagination can be used in any subject or area of life, for example, business to create new enterprise and in engineering and industry to create innovation. Imagination is just as important as knowledge. Knowledge then helps balance out our understanding and results in a brilliant 3 Dimensional stereoscopic view of life. If imagining it this way, then imagination does become one of the most important parts of our understanding of the universe. There are two choices of songs.

Because this song, although brilliant and timeless, is on the side of sounding sad. This track is from the film called Xanadu that I remember watching as a child. I had no idea what it was about but loved the music and still do. It is also a bit more cheerful and zany, sort of zana-du-y perhaps By Albert Camus who was a French author and Absurdist philosopher. The Leaf of Ages — Autumn. Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: In the presence of a level of energy, whilst breaking down 3 elements, this effect is created. Whilst breaking down the 3 elements of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen content that make up the leaf sugars inside the cells within the sap, within the presence of the energy of the bright sunlight, the warm colours of reds, purples and oranges of the beautiful loose fallen autumn leaves lying undisturbed, are due to chemicals called Anthocyanins and low levels of phosphates.

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: 2 ways interpret this changing state, from 1 phase to another, where 1 interpretation lags behind. The equinox happens twice a year and later in the year when watching the birds fly south across the autumn sky, the plane of the Earth's equator passes the centre of the Sun and the tilting of the Earth's axis and its inclination are neither away from nor towards the Sun.

At the end of each Earth year, when the equinoctial point is reached, and the summer sun fades as the year grows old, the days and nights are the same lengths. The part where the line of shade covers the Earth is called the terminator and is perpendicular to the Earth's Equator at the time of equinox. Lagging behind refers to the changes and state in the complex systems of weather pattern and its seasons, continuing to heat large bodies like the sea and after the predicted cooling time.

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: A later counter intuitive time, changes its inner structure along with radius to create this phase. A red giant is a large, modestly bright star, although not as bright as it was as at star phase, that is generally low in mass.

The red giant phase is that of a late star system and its eventual evolution after using up all its hydrogen to a phase called thermonuclear fusion. As these processes occur its radius expands and our Sun, when changing to this state, is expected to expand so much that it will be at, or past the point of the Earth and we will all be shaking like a leaf!

After this it will turn into a planetary nebula and like a leaf on a breeze it will blow away, and then end will end its ages to turn its central core into a white dwarf. Ice Age. The ice age is a glacial age during a phase where the Earth's surface and atmosphere are reduced dramatically, which in turn creates continental expansion affecting the polar ice areas and glaciers. We are still at the latter end of a 2. The concrete theories and methods that are used to produce a pattern of ices ages, that explain about 5 phases of ice ages already having existed in the past, are backed up by geological, paleontological and chemical proof.

The Age of Global Warming. Global warming is the definite proof of devised patterns from recent data, about the rise and average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere, which includes our oceans. Earth warming is estimated to have occurred since the late 19th century during man made industry and is predicted to continue if man made industry and technology remains a continuous variable, along with any other reasons that may suggest global warming exits. Axis and Procession. Take a leaf out of my book, as I have devised a couple of simple but interesting ideas that could support the reasons for global warming.

These may have some significance with global warming - a complex longitudal problem. A term called Precession is a change in the orientation in the rotational axis of a rotating body. So as our Earth rotates, which is like spinning, it also has a changing axis and this is its orientation.

Over time Precession completes one cycle over 26, years to create a movement of rotational axis as the axis gradually creates a cone shape. This is also the reason why stars change their rock solid position slightly in the night sky. Procession Perturbation. These affects could mean that the Sun, currently as it is starting to change into this behaviour, though subtly, is allowing room to complete the gaps that go towards the reasons for Global warming occurring on Earth. If so it means more research will be needed over a longer period of time because this is a complex longitudal problem that might want to tell us its complete history as well as new future events, otherwise its life will be forever autumn….

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: From major to minor, a change in status 2 2nd of them now as was 1 in 9 of the same around some other. To some forgotten dream. And how was I supposed to know. They are 1 The planet must orbit around the Sun 2 The planet must have enough mass to create a spherical type shape, like a football, and be formed from its own gravitational effect. The next bit is weird.

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Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: This object along with another was later found to be a large part of the behaviour of a 3rd object. I feel sorry for Pluto. It was only accidently found because the orbit of another planet was acting odd. Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: It's got 1 of the less thermally challenged surfaces making its surface 1 of the most unusual ones.

It happened many years ago. The thermally challenged surface Pluto is a cold harsh place. We've gotten many years to go. Pluto has an unusual surface as seen by images of its contrasting colour and shade, namely ranging from soft blacks, warmer oranges to cool whites. Our understanding of Pluto will increase; we've gotten many years to go to find out what its inner core is like and if it can give us more surprises that will help us find about other events occurring in the solar system and beyond….

I liked some of the lyrics from the "Life Got Cold" music track by Girls Aloud they had good song writers then because they reminded me of aspects of Pluto By Primo Michele Levi who was an Italian chemist and writer. Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: On the smallest scales, only here do the certainties run and uncertainties hide to make it.

One is a specific discreet uncertain event about the behaviour of a particle, and whilst staying with the quantum scale, two about there being a continuous certain aspect of behaviour that resembles a field of events. Because condensed matter physics is a good example of continuous running behaviour, one of the next best theoretical ideas thought up is the qubit idea that David Deutsch created, which although suggests a bit as an particle event, or hiding discreet event, if flipped, could be turned into a continuous field too.

Current quantum mechanics also plays with infinites, in that there are lots of mathematical loose ends that need tying up, and at the moment String Theory seems good at removing these infinites or indefinite events. I think the best measure of an event on small scales that mix the two terms, continuous and discreet, is called the Planck constant. As a term, I have used it here to describe a scale or a point of the mixing of these two defining terms and as part of the indefinite world of physics.

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: From top to bottom it is here that the collected affects theorised of this are really fuzzy. Supervenience is a top to bottom system, whereby higher systems affect lower systems. Economics affecting human behaviour is one good example of supervenience, which affects living systems right down to small quantum systems and more if we want to.

It is actually a term used in philosophy that delves with ontological connections from one level to another, usually top to bottom. Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: The notation that suggesting an edge creating a constant here is less so when imagined as changeable. The edge of the universe is expanding and it was a surprise that we had not thought of.

Later a new theory for this was discovered called Dark Energy. Not only this, it was a constant acceleration. If you can imagine, better still, grab an entry level physics book explaining the differences between speed, acceleration, and constant acceleration. You know when you go on a fairground roller coaster ride and it makes you feel sick, it is because you are experiencing the most formidable forces ever created by the person who designed the ride, but it is the physics that enables those forces to occur but as the artificially induced forces are introduced, in order create the most inertia and drag against natural ones, you are left with a series of changing forms and inertia fields that can make for great analogy for what occurs in the outer regions of our universe.

An example is you are 1st, zooming at speed, a scalar, means size, going very fast on the ride. This is what makes you feel sick too. The hilarious scientific terms used, are the jerk and the jounce. Break down a hypothetical sick bag will be provided at the end of the journey :. Speed — size - scalar uniformly very, very, very fast.

Acceleration — direction - vector rate of change of speed over time and getting uniformly faster. A constant. Jerk — say no more. Loads more mixed up together rate of change of acceleration over time. To sum up - a uniform and constant state of complete and utter change. Sick yet? Being chucked about with the most optimum level of inertia possible which why you feel like throwing up is what that analogy is. Now imagine that the edges of the universe, Dark Energy all being considered, had decided to change its rate of acceleration, from an constant to a changing one, this is Quintessence.

In my terms, it is because it decided not to be constant, a bit like the roller coaster ride after the feeling of acceleration; I think it is really just another area of astrophysics called the indefinite. Earth from an even rarer perspective. Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: The rocket Saturn V launched an event on Jul 16, which marked this significant occasion.

The Skylab programs also used the same rocket, along with Nasa from — The event was to get two humans onto the Moon and when these two humans or astronauts, that being Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, did step onto the Moon, it was a very unique time because Neil Armstrong was the very 1st human to step onto the surface of the Moon itself, which lasted for about 2 and a half hours.

Neil Armstrong also went outside the Lunar module and they both collected lunar material to take back to Earth. About 3 years before the first humans landing on the lunar surface, another significant occasion was to capture the 1st ever picture of the Earth but from the perspective form the Moon, called Earthrise. The fact that the craft got a shot of our Earth from the Moon and then three years later having humans actually walk on the Moon itself, made the former more significant.

It was actual proof that we could be that far away from our planet in space and the fact that we could change our perspective of ourselves, that in such a way, it was be the most unique perspective we could ever wish for. Not only that, at first it was just in a photo it was later to become a reality. Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: A 2nd unique perspective occurred, when captured by Voyager 1 from 1 of the rarest views ever. On September the 5th a space probe by Nasa was launched that was to look into the Solar System and eventually the outer regions called, the interstellar medium.

Still in use for over 35 years to date it is now entering an unknown zone. It is also probing an area of charged particles, that have been blow out by the solar wind, called the heliosphere and eventually interstellar space, with all its unusual spacey surprises. When I was a kid I actually remember reading about Voyager 1 in a science magazine or two, some which I still have, and the thing that struck me was the images and data sent onto the gold disk it had away sent with it, or what we sent with it, on its way.

The gold disk was an emblem of humnakind and a marker for how far we had got in technological space exploration back then. It has stuck in my mind forever and even that was incredible enough on its own. In , when Voyager 1 was around 6 billion kilometres away from us, it took a unique picture of us all on Earth, as it captured us a tiny blue coloured dot shape in the dark surrounding space. This event was much like the previous one from the Moon, but the vast distance made it all the more amazing. It was the University of Arizona, between Feb to June , that the probe sent us the picture that was based on a wide angle image inset with two narrow angle pictures, mainly to capture Earth and Venus.

The camera used the darkest filter it could, which was a methane absorption band, with the shortest exposure possible. The result was that the size of the Earth ended taking less than a single pixel! A small step for man, a large pixel for mankind…. Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: The next jewel of a moment for us in space will be captured 19th Jul near a planet close to us. This month on 19th Jul , we will encounter an almost double unique perspective - our very own Earth, as the Cassini craft will use its camera on us, but not only that, on the planet Saturn and with its incredible rings during its eclipse of the Sun.

It is expected that we will be in the lower right hand region, near to outside more fuzzy rings of Saturn where we will be a mere speck of light once again. Much like the previous mission by Voyager 1, this next event will be headed by Dr Carolyn Porco who is leader of the Cassini Imaging Team. If we can get this right, it will be like our first very own the family photo of the cosmos, were not only have we been seen with the Moon, but now combined with one of the most unusual planets of our solar system, Saturn, together with one of the most rarest of events so far only to be seen on the Earth, a solar eclipse, we can again dazzle in its glory.

This month, as we await the next amazing image of our planet Earth, along with Saturn's Solar eclipse, I'll have a go at updating this page with info about just that and if I can, I will put a picture of it here. Update July 26th The full Cassini images are going to take a few weeks to process according to Dr Carolyn Porco, who is leader of the Cassini Imaging Team, so in the meantime I have put one of the 1st images here of the view from Cassini with us arrow points to Earth in shot:.

They would be like the surface of the earth, but with two more dimensions. By British theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author, Stephen Hawking. Out of Time part 2 The Twist. Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: It was written about last month with a general explanation. Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: It takes both or many ways, to make a physicist as in everything. A more unruly physicist who leaves their utensils on an empty plate all loosely strewn is just as important, in that they may be more creative and random in their thinking.

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: There needs some different types of participation and learning in order to get the idea. All I want you to do now is stand in front of the door for a minute, holding the paper in the correct place. It would be handy that the door is open 1st because, all you are about to do, is simply walk into the room! You should now be stood holding a piece of paper at its top left hand corner and stood in the middle of a room probably looking a bit confused.

No worries. From you standing still to the little walk into the room to stopping, just simply means representing the start of 1 time axis that is the linear part of the Feynman diagram. You should now be stood in the middle of a room, with a blank piece of paper or this text printed out on one , held horizontally, preferably NOW holding its TOP LEFT hand corner with your left hand. Just to explain this again, that little edge of paper that you dragged your hand or fingers across towards the corner, represented the linear time that it took you to walk into the room and stop.

Basically, you just walked into a room and pulled your fingers across the edge of the paper and stopped at its top left hand corner when you stopped in the room. But we have not finished yet. Your very act of moving into the room is a way of making you walk along this space axis. Stand back up and now, YOU yourself rotate on the spot to turn to your right, at a 90 degree angle and stop. You should be parallel and looking towards one of your wall that was on your right and be able to read the paper where the letter E is as it is now on your LEFT.

Are we ok so far? You should now have a letter in each corner of your paper. Remember I said that time can be linear you walked from 1 spot to the middle of a room and stopped well now imagine that the WHOLE of the papers thinness is another step in a time axis, that is spread out from each theory, but this time you only live or exist on that thin part of the paper. The paper itself is now another time axis - it is out of time from the last one. We are now in M-theory, Branes and String Theory territory. Still imagining you are thin enough to live in the flat dimension of the papers surface, you are flat like the paper but you now want to see how things are on another part of the paper.

Simple solution, bend or fold the paper so it touches those other parts. Get the paper and fold it up in any way in order to make any edge or corner where the theories are, in order to touch any other part so even the theories are now touching other theories — weird! More importantly, you are now effectively folding time itself into unusual shapes because you are still looking from the inside of that time, on the paper. The next bit is simply taking you out of that time manifold, or axis, and looking at the paper in any way that it is.

Want to twist time? Twist the paper! By William Gibson American-Canadian speculative fiction novelist. Out of Time. I have Broken my rule a bit because this month is more a phrase than a word. Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: The interpretation of the time axis in 1 theory, for the event of this, suggests it is common place. Physics ace Richard Feynman came up with the idea of a pictorial representation of a theory in physics of how he thought things worked on smaller levels for an idea called quantum electro dynamics where he uses pathways for events that followed time and space using 2 axes: Time is horizontal and space is vertical in this image:.

The wiggle line is a photon produced when an electron and a positron annihilate that later turn into a pair as quark-antiquark. The positron in this theory, in which he suggests it showing it going backward in time, is like the behaviour of an electron. Mr Feynman used 2 simple axes to explain its behaviour; simply, one is space, the other time. What goes forward in space is the anti-particle but backward in time. Referring to 1st angle of the paragraph here, the context of time and to some degree space then, is shown as non-linear, unlike that which we use on a daily basis, but it still works and makes you think about time differently.

The Feynman diagrams are clever and simple graphs telling us trajectories of particle behaviour from the start, in between, and end stages of the events of particle scattering in quantum electro dynamics. Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: It goes beyond something we know, in the world of physics, to 11 of them. M-theory, or topological and dimensional membranes, or just Branes, is an extension of a well-known theory in physics called String Theory.

M Theory on the other hand, takes this one step forward and challenges our assumptions of causality and time so that Strings and thus time itself might not be the answer overall. It means a step ahead and says simply, we are living in one brane, but there could be others that we do not know about but they are right next to our noses as thin sheets that are tightly tied up inot knot shapes. So even more simply put, there may be another dimension that is right next to us, in physical proximity the theory can be explained as being near us but beyond our topological reach , but we are not aware if it due to restrictions based on our experiences and knowledge of how the universe works so far, according to the laws of classical physics and its use of time.

Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: This idea gives weight to a popular theme that can be grasped if you use many of them. The idea that events in outside of our time but can interact with our time, at some point in time, but cannot affect each other initially, is a hard one to grasp. Many worlds are about classical and quantum events that have their own structure of linear and non-linear time which unlike the tied up knot of Branes are perhaps more like a lattice with separate areas of worlds.

Often these events are referred to as worlds or universes. This theory is like a tree branch that accepts every path or event possible until realisation of a collapse like observing a particle. This makes it possible that time within each of those worlds, also has their own time structure which, even though not easy to conceive of, can be proven theoretically as existing outside of our understanding, or out of our understanding of time.

Science has many theories that explain the amazing subject of time, here are just a few. To explain this very generally, every day, we use a system that enables us to perceive events and arrange our lives through linear classical time. An example is the consecutive logic that 1 o clock will always be before 2 o clock and the next hours follow later. Without these markers for events that are a fundamental way that we rely on time, all dates and experiences, for any moments or stretch of time, no matter how short or long a duration, are always ruled by the way linear time works.

The problem begins when our perceptions of this type of time, but on a smaller scale, are challenged. On the smaller quantum scale of time, surprisingly there is an opportunity to realise that events there can happen outside our view of classical time. At 1st this idea seems hard to grasp but science at least the scientist about to be mentioned has a few ways of making this easier. Not long after I saw a picture of Prof Greene with a friend online where they had just eaten a meal probably University campus? The other 5 are variations of the same theme with super base tones and rhythms.

I like all the tracks on this CD single. Countdown to the Quote of the Month 3: It's a self similar pattern found in nature. In a nutshell of self similarity, Stewart says in the book that they are more or less everywhere, in fact on the online Wiki it says they are found in technology, art and even law! The self similarity idea is about how each time you look deeper into the pattern of a fractal, it actually repeats itself with a type of infinite regression not seen in other forms and which cannot be easily thought of, unless using a type of complex, complicated and extremely sought after, if not very rare, and unique mathematical analogy, a vegetable.

A good example is a cauliflower. Countdown to the Quote of the Month 2: They generally break topological boundaries. Topology is about the properties of space and dimension and how they are transformed, usually using geometric forms, whether abstract or real, or both. The fractal plays about with both in the most magical way ever. The idea that topology comes into fractals suggest that maths using this fractal theory, has to succumb to breaking a boundary of dimension once thought unbreakable under general geometric rules.

This also means jokes or fractal puns behave under the same topological conditions too. Countdown to the Quote of the Month 1: About 3 main mathematicians generally formed the history of this theory. After Karl Weierstrass, another German mathematician, who did a graph, came along Georg Cantor, another German mathematician, who overruled the whole lot, by saying that in a roundabout way, things are just subsets that are really called Cantor Sets. Benoit Mandelbrot was a clever bloke, a Polish-born, French and American mathematician, who said that the Mandelbrot set, which he devised, is a mathematical set of points where its own boundary is a sort of two-dimensional fractal shape.

I said it first! No actually, he did. I reckon that fractals are like abstract Black Holes because they break the boundaries of abstract mathematical topology like a Black Hole breaks down the laws of physics of GR. According to another source, Gallagher told Liam and the rest of the group after having heard them play for the first time: "Let me write your songs and I'll take you to superstardom, or else you'll rot here in Manchester".

His control over the band in its early years earned him the nickname "The Chief". In May , the band heard that a record executive from Creation Records would be scouting for talent at King Tut's in Glasgow. Together, they found the money to hire a van and make the six-hour journey. When they arrived, they were refused entry to the club because no one notified the venue that Oasis had been added to the bill. The band eventually secured the opening slot and played a four-song set that impressed Creation founder Alan McGee.

McGee then took the Live Demonstration tape to Sony America and invited Oasis to meet with him a week later in London, at which point they were signed to a six-album contract. Gallagher has since claimed that he only had six songs written at the time, and has put his success in the interview down to "bullshitting". Gallagher claimed to have written Oasis' first single, " Supersonic ", in "the time it takes to play the song.

2018 Sundance lineup includes films directed by Idris Elba, Ethan Hawke

The single was later followed by Oasis' debut album Definitely Maybe , which was released in August and was a critical and commercial success. It became the fastest-selling debut album in British history at the time, and entered the UK charts at number one. The conditions were poor, and he felt the American audience—still preoccupied with grunge and metal —did not understand the band.

It was during this time that Gallagher wrote " Talk Tonight " as a "thank you" for the girl he stayed with, who "talked him from off the ledge". He was tracked down by Creation's Tim Abbot, and during a trip by the pair to Las Vegas, Gallagher decided to continue with the band.

He reconciled with his brother and the tour resumed in Minneapolis. This preceded their second album, What's the Story Morning Glory? Though it suffered initial critical apathy, the album became the second fastest-selling album ever in the UK, entering the UK album charts at number one and peaking at number four on the US Billboard chart.

The success of Oasis and his newfound fame and fortune were not lost on Gallagher, and both he and his brother became famous for their "rock and roll lifestyle". Gallagher spent extravagantly, buying various cars and a swimming pool, despite the fact he can neither drive [29] nor swim. He's also afraid that he was very high during the 90s and drunk most of the time.

He can only tell you that it was a fucking brilliant time in his life, and he was naming everything after everything. Naming cats after cigarettes, though One of his finer moments, he must say. Oasis went on to have greater success with their next two singles, " Wonderwall " and " Don't Look Back in Anger " charting at number two and number one respectively; the former becoming their sole top 10 hit in the US.

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Originally, Noel had wanted to take lead vocals on "Wonderwall", but Liam insisted on singing it. Gallagher became so influential that a June NME article argued that "If Noel Gallagher, the most successful songwriter of his generation, champions a group, then said group are guaranteed more mainstream kudos and, quite possibly, more sales. And since Noel has taken to championing only five or six groups, then it's a powerful cabal he's promoting. John Harris typified these bands, and Gallagher, of "sharing a dewy-eyed love of the s, a spurning of much beyond rock's most basic ingredients, and a belief in the supremacy of 'real music'".

In March , Gallagher and his brother Liam met their father again when the News of the World paid him to go to their hotel during a tour. He left for his room, later commenting "as far as I'm concerned, I haven't got a father. He's not a father to me, y'know? I don't respect him in any way whatsoever". Following the worldwide success of Morning Glory? As with the previous two albums, all the tracks were written by Gallagher. After an initial blaze of publicity, positive critical reviews, and commercial success, the album failed to live up to long-term expectations, and public goodwill towards Be Here Now was short-lived.

Look at Phil Collins. Gallagher began to suffer drug-induced panic attacks during this period. His depression and paranoia inspired the song "Gas Panic! He claimed to have quit using illicit drugs on 5 June Gallagher stated in , "I liked drugs, I was good at them. But I'd had panic attacks for about a year and I stopped because I wanted to. After you make the decision, it is quite easy. After the hype surrounding the release of Be Here Now had started to wane, critical response to the band became calmer and more considered, leading to a media backlash. In , Gallagher was criticised for attending a high-profile and well-publicised media party at 10 Downing Street , hosted by the newly appointed Prime Minister, Tony Blair , along with other celebrities and industry figures who had supported New Labour in the run-up to the general election.

Both brother Liam and Blur's Damon Albarn declined their invitations, with Albarn commenting "Enjoy the schmooze, comrade. In , rhythm guitarist Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs quit the band, with bassist Paul McGuigan following soon afterwards. As a result, the fourth studio album, Standing on the Shoulder of Giants , was recorded by just the Gallaghers and drummer Alan White , with Gallagher playing all guitar parts. In , Gallagher received songwritting credits from Girls Aloud 's single " Life Got Cold " due to the song's guitar riff being similar to " Wonderwall ". The show proved successful and a further series of sets took place in March saw Gallagher perform in Moscow—the first time an Oasis member has performed in Russia.

Gallagher, along with the band recorded their seventh studio album between and the next year at Abbey Road Studios and in Los Angeles, and started at the end of the summer of a tour that lasted 12 months. The Dreams We Have as Children features classic and rare tracks from the Oasis canon along with several cover versions of some of Gallagher's favourite artists. On 28 August , Gallagher quit Oasis after a fight with his brother, Liam. Shortly before midnight on Friday, Gallagher posted a statement on his message board called "Tales from the Middle of Nowhere" on the band's website announcing his departure.

He played a mostly acoustic set, and played a variety of Oasis album tracks and B-sides. Gallagher confirmed that he would be returning to the studio in August to record drums for an unnamed artist, later confirmed to be Paul Weller. Lead singer David McDonnell has been co-writing with Gallagher and are looking to collaborate on future solo projects together. Kane also revealed that he will appear on Gallagher's forthcoming album, playing guitar.

On 10 February , Gallagher stated he had "not even started" his first solo record, despite Liam rumouring that he 'swiped' material from the Dig Out Your Soul sessions. Well I've not even started it, so I don't know. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds released a self-titled album on 17 October ; a collaboration album with Amorphous Androgynous was to be released in but has now been shelved indefinitely. On 9 September , Gallagher along with his band, served as the headline act of "We Are Manchester," a benefit concert to mark the reopening of Manchester Arena following a terrorist attack there in May.

Gallagher described that the second EP would have a "Mancunian" sound and the third would be released at Christmas. In an interview with NME in whilst promoting his solo debut album Everyday Robots , Damon Albarn hinted at a collaborative project with Gallagher. Despite the years of animosity during Blur and Oasis' respective heyday, Albarn said: "We're talking. It's not anything to get excited about yet. I mean, he's doing his thing.

I've got my record coming out, but the principle of us making music together is something, you know. It would be fair to say, we have discussed it at least once. In March , Gallagher revealed that he was considering retirement from live shows within the following 10 years. He stated: "It's not fun being on a bus for six weeks in America. It's fine when you're young, but I'm almost At the age of 18, Gallagher became engaged to his then-girlfriend Diane, but they never married and eventually separated.

In , he moved out of his family home to live with Louise Jones, whom he described as his "soulmate" and for whom he wrote " Slide Away ". They had an on-again, off-again relationship before finally separating in June , with Gallagher stating, "I don't think I'll ever get over it. He had met her in through her roommate, MTV presenter Rebecca de Ruvo , whom he was dating at the time and whom he left for Mathews.

After the divorce was finalised, Gallagher admitted he had only claimed to have cheated in order to speed up the divorce process and that he had never actually been unfaithful. Since his separation from Mathews, Gallagher has been in a relationship with MacDonald, whom he met at club Space on Ibiza in June He wrote "Waiting for the Rapture" about their meeting.

Gallagher is a fan of football , being a lifelong Manchester City F. Coincidentally Pizzorno drew his hometown team Leicester City with Gallagher's Manchester City for the Third round tie in which both teams drew and Manchester City proceeded to win in the replay. He participated in the unveiling of Umbro -sponsored football kits with captain Vincent Kompany. In the advertising campaign, the two men are pictured wearing the new Manchester City home and away shirts for the —13 season. Formerly, Kompany had introduced Gallagher to 80, fans during Rock Werchter music festival in Belgium.

I don't have a team per se, but I'm into it. I love the color and energy of it all. There's so many things going on in American football. It took me a while to get it, but I like it a lot. Gallagher stated in a radio interview with Russell Brand that he does not believe in God or "an all-guiding force". In , it was announced that Gallagher would sell his home in Ibiza located near fellow musician James Blunt 's, saying in an interview that he "can't stand living there in the knowledge that Blunt is nearby making terrible music".

He was reportedly asked by Simon Cowell to be a judge on The X Factor after Dannii Minogue , Cheryl Cole and Cowell himself declined to participate in series 8 , which Gallagher subsequently declined as well. Gallagher was the primary songwriter in Oasis, and on the group's first three albums he was the sole songwriting contributor. He is often criticised for the praise he gives to his own songs.

He points out "If you'd written " Live Forever ", you'd be walking to a different tune the next day too. In a Guitar World interview, he described himself as "a fan who writes songs" and stated, "I'm not saying, 'I'm the greatest songwriter in the world. Listen to me. And I'm gonna put them all in this song"'. His response to critics about the topic of "blatantly pinching riffs" was, "No, I don't feel guilty. But you feel pissed off because you didn't do it first. Though naturally left-handed, Gallagher plays guitar right-handed, which he claims is the only thing he can do with his non-dominant hand.

By , Gallagher reflected "There is a bit of truth in that statement. Like the bit in "Champagne Supernova" about slowly walking down the hall faster than a cannonball. What does that mean? And the answer is, I don't know what it means. I don't care what it means.

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It must mean something, though, because I play it to a sea of people every night and they seem to understand it. That's all that matters, I guess. Gallagher's role as chief songwriter for Oasis changed over time as he allowed a greater level of lyrical input from the other band members. Standing on the Shoulder of Giants included Oasis' first ever album track written by his brother Liam. Heathen Chemistry included a further three tracks by Liam including the single " Songbird " , one by Archer and one by Andy Bell.

The latter two albums have been greeted with increasing critical and commercial success in the UK, particularly Don't Believe the Truth. However, on the last Oasis albums, his increasing role as lead singer, apparently to compensate for his diminished role as songwriter, caused some tension with Liam. The loss of White prompted Gallagher to comment in a interview, that he puts Oasis' trouble with drummers, in part, to the fact that he is himself a talented drummer, saying "I get a lot of stick for it, but I'm the best drummer in the group. Gallagher is well known for his controversial, outspoken statements in the press; he acknowledged his tendency for faux pas in the song "My Big Mouth" on the album Be Here Now.

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Yet Gallagher has defended himself, saying "people think [I'm] controversial for the answers [I] give to silly questions in interviews, but I'm not thinking about insulting My conscience is clean, d'you know what I mean? Y'know, I'm true to myself—fuck everybody else. The most infamous of Gallagher's controversial statements was in a interview with The Observer , where he expressed a wish for Damon Albarn and Alex James of rivals Blur to "catch AIDS and die", a comment which he quickly apologised publicly for, and stated that "AIDS is no laughing matter".

The differing styles of the bands, coupled with their prominence within the Britpop movement, led the British media to seize upon the rivalry between the bands. Gallagher maintains that the rivalry was conceived by the magazine NME and members of Blur's entourage as a ploy to raise their respective profiles, and that since this point he has had no respect for either party.

However, Albarn has suggested the roots of the feud were much more personal. Because I'm indifferent to Damon he thinks that I think he's a cunt. Our Liam will talk to him, I won't because he's just another singer in a band to me, but I don't think he's a cunt. Good luck to him! The Gallagher brothers famously share a turbulent relationship; one of their arguments was even released on a bootleg single titled Wibbling Rivalry. Although in later years their relationship had stabilised, during the band's early career there were a handful of incidents where the two have actually come to blows.

In a Los Angeles show during their first American tour in , Liam took to changing the words of the songs so that they were offensive to both Americans and Noel. A confrontation after the show which led to a chair being thrown and a brawl caused Noel to leave the tour and head for Las Vegas; Gallagher later claimed he had "visions of Fear and Loathing flashing in [his] eyes".

In , he provided lead vocals at a performance for MTV Unplugged when Liam backed out minutes before the set was due to start. Liam claimed to have been struck down with a "sore throat"; the band later found out that Liam did not like performing acoustically.

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Just before the band were about to board a plane to the United States for an important make-or-break US tour, Liam left the airport, claiming he had to find a house for his then-wife Patsy Kensit. He later joined the band for their last few gigs and the infamous MTV Awards performance; the remaining dates were scrapped. The band's future was daily tabloid news. While on tour in Barcelona in , Oasis were forced to cancel a gig when Alan White's arm seized up, and the band spent the night drinking instead. Liam made a derogatory comment about Gallagher's then-wife Meg Mathews , and attempted to cast doubt over the legitimacy of his daughter Anais, causing Gallagher to head-butt Liam.

Following this, he declared he was quitting overseas touring, but returned for an Oasis gig in Dublin on 8 July During the performance, the two brothers shook hands at the end of " Acquiesce ". However, the relationship between the two brothers had become strained throughout , leading eventually to a last-minute cancellation of an Oasis concert scheduled to take place on 28 August in Paris, due to an "altercation within the group".

Through the Oasis website, he said "It's with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. And the lack of support and understanding from my management and band mates has left me with no other option than to get me cape and seek pastures new. When asked in about his brother and an Oasis reunion Gallagher said "I last texted Liam at Christmas after the City match.

I don't think it's gonna happen. It would be great for everyone else except me. It'd be mega for the millions and millions and everybody else it would be brilliant but I wouldn't be very happy about it. I guess you don't know what you're gonna feel like in odd years but right now, I mean I was in Oasis for nearly 20 years. I've been doing this what I'm doing now for one year and I'd like to see what it's like to do it for longer. I don't think anyone is pushing for a reunion either. Nobody ever brings it up in any seriousness — I mean Liam does publicly but he says a lot of things publicly.

I wouldn't take anything he says seriously. In December during an interview for an Australian newspaper, Liam revealed that he and Noel had declared a "truce". Indie artist insider guide best of the song cast blog songcast indie artist insider guide series. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads.

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