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In , Gold came back to the Los Angeles Times. Gold died of pancreatic cancer at St. He died at the age of Jonathan Gold is dead. Pancreatic cancer, Need to gather my thoughts on this one—FUCK…. RIP, Jonathan Gold. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Amber Benson. Mass Market Paperback.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The latest novel in the series does not disappoint. While Callie is getting the hang of the whole being death thing, there are still plenty of twists, turns, and curve balls thrown at her to keep her a sympathetic character.

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While she's becoming a better hero, she's still very relatable and you keep pulling for her through the whole book. I've loved every book in the series and can't wait for the next one. What trouble will Callie find herself in next?! Amazing, Thank you! Think this my favourite book in the series so far. The perspectives from the other characters made this story more entertaining and complex. Just disappointed that I am out of books in the series to read and need to wait for a new one.

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The whole series is a great read. I didn't even care how the book ended. Excellent conclusion to an excellent series! Nov 11, Jena Gregoire rated it it was amazing Shelves: urban-fantasy-reads. Jul 15, Shelley rated it really liked it Shelves: releases , urban-fantasy , borrowed-library. The story itself is a continuation from How to Be Death in that a key player from that book continues to make deadly moves and alliances to finally get rid of Callie as the head of Death, Inc.

There is also a new player that is introduced who wants to go even farther and bring about a reign of destruction down on humanity in his wake. There are so many players involved in the plans to destroy Callie that you really need to pay attention, or at least have read the previous installments to understand who they are and why they hate Callie so much. She's a bit of a mess overall in that she rushes in when she should stand down and think before she acts. Callie has actually come a long way since becoming CEO and head Grim Reaper of Death, Inc after her father was murdered and betrayed by his own daughter thanks to people like Jarvis.

Callie, in her own words, is mercurial, chaotic, reckless, headstrong, stubborn, and has a good heart who feels that she needs to protect everyone which is why she takes steps to ensure that Death, Inc. She's in love with Daniel, the Steward of Hell and really doesn't care for the fact that she's immortal.

The only real negative I can admit to is that we don't really get enough of a story from Callie's point of view in my humble opinion. We see her finally accepting Marcel's challenge to fight to the death and then realizing that someone is trying to kill her and everyone loyal to her and install someone from Callie's past. In the process, more about Callie's past and future unfolds to the point where alliances are made, betrayals run rampant including someone close to Callie, and Callie has no choice but to put plans together to protect her replacements from harm.

If this was, in fact, the last book like everyone is saying, I would have preferred to read her thoughts as she was trying to unravel who was trying to kill her so badly, rather than some of the secondary characters that were introduced including the ghosts. The story intertwines characters like Noh, a clairvoyant who can see ghosts and is supposedly Callie's friend from boarding school; Jennice a Real Estate agent who has a surprising gift that comes in handy in a pinch as well as her own destiny; Kali the Hindu Goddess of Death and Destruction who has become Callie's friend, supporter, protector, and probably the character I loved the most in this book as well as the series; Runt, the female hellhound daughter of Cerberus is also amazing and I love her.

Then there's Clio, Callie's younger sister who is in love with the Hindu God Indra, and a person who has amazing abilities all her own that she's kept a secret from everyone, including Callie. Marcel, the Ender of Death, comes through in a pinch as well and becomes Death's Champion, protector, and a character you have to admire for his fortitude in being Death's rival.

In the end, I was happy that I took copious notes on all the characters that were written into the story, and what they were doing and who was doing what to whom, and who was betraying whom thinking he knew was was best for Callie. If you think I am kidding here, I'm not.

It seems that Benson wanted to give each of her characters one final curtain call, including Callie's mother Caoimbe, before calling it a day and exiting stage left. The ending, while expected, was sad and also devastating. Not sure anyone, except Kali, saw this happening to Callie. Released February 26, Mar 04, OpenBookSociety.

Well, because, this book was just amazing! First, we have the topic of Death, which is quite something to talk about or in this case, write about.

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This is definitely a series I recommend for all of those trying to find something refreshing to read. I know, I have been. She also describes to the reader her own design of Hell and Purgatory; with its divisions here and there and its very interesting.

Could it look less scary? It makes us curious as to what happened to her; is she alive, who took her, what will happen with Death Inc. The author gave us fight scenes, revealing scenes, funny scenes, cheesy scenes, emotional scenes and every kind of scene the book needed, shaping it perfectly at the end. As much as I liked the characters and hated those that needed to be hated, I grew a soft spot for Marcel, the Ender of Death, what could I do.

The way he was portrayed made him so likeable. Another one was … Noh! I also have to add a, WOW, at the plot twist at one of the final chapters, who would have thought of a disguise? All in all, this was a good book to read. It has everything it needs to keep one wanting for more.

Which, makes me wonder about that ending. What does author Amber have in the future for her readers? We will just have to wait and see.

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Or, just give it a try, maybe one of the other characters will draw you in. Jun 02, Michael E. Which has surprisingly grown more addicting and more "grown" up with each successful novel. As I stated in my review of "How to Be Death" each of the previous four novels had a different feel to them, a different theme and style. In each case the audience is shown a more mature version of Calliope and Ms Benson.

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  • As she continues to write, her characters seem more comfortable with their sexuality and motives. Which is delightful. There is a sense of confidence that comes through more and more with each novel. The book begins off for the races right off the bat and you get sucked in for the ride. There is very little exposition to introduce the recurring characters as they come in; as it should be since this is book five.

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    One of the things I actually disliked about Mike Carey's Felix Castor novels were the pages of exposition that occurred in each book to reintroduce everything; which is one of the same reasons I avoid Chris Claremont's classic X-Men run. The expositions are understandable since any new reader can just pick up the novel and go; Ms Benson's novels on the other hand are more for die hard fans of a show; by now the "previously on Yes she does some reintroductions when she needs to but they feel organic; instead of forced. But where this book and her writing really shines is that she not only seamlessly introduces new characters to the mix, but she mixes genres as well.

    She brings back the adventures of the two novels and mixes in the mysteries of the last two to create a very unique and fun experiences. Though it is by far no means perfect; the end seems a little rushed and anti climatic Not that I minded either because the epilogue makes up for that. You know that just by the last few sentences that the next book if there is going to be a next one will be an absolute emotional roller coaster.

    That being said, if you have enjoyed the previous novels you will like this one; if you haven't you definitely need to read the others to know what is going on. As for me, I can't wait and hope there is even more Calliope in my future. Nov 07, Kirsten rated it liked it.

    Not something that most people go to business school to do, but nonetheless, Callie is learning on the job. The real issue is that without somebody acting as the head of Death, Inc. And that never goes well for anybody. Benson has a firm grasp on Callie and her friends, but the rotating points of view are a little tiresome. Giving readers insight into the characters via body language and other subtle clues would be better than telling us that somebody is trying to figure out how to react to something, and so on.

    But, once the plot comes together, things start to move more smoothly. With so many plotlines and issues from the previous books to deal with, Benson has to bring them all together, and is mostly successful in getting everything to a good stopping point. Aug 09, Ash rated it did not like it Shelves: why-did-i-read-this , ridiculously-fast-reads. Whew, I'm glad that's over. No more subjugating myself to a book series with oodles of potential but no payoff in the end. The mysterious Man in Gray has an insidious plan to destroy humanity by merging two universes together.

    One where Callie is not Death Whew, I'm glad that's over. One where Callie is not Death because she doesn't exist and instead her arch nemesis, Frank, is Death. The story itself sounds all right but the execution was poor. The different POVs was very disorienting and undercut the action at times. Personally, I would have liked it if Callie's POV was nixed throught the book and would have appeared like two bookends: one at the beginning and one at the end.

    I know she's the main character but I never cared much for Callie. I always found her too oversexed and immature. I think she's in her mid 20's but acted like a girl in her mid teens. Another disappointment of Golden Age was that I never felt the stakes were truly high enough. Once again, this is probably to due my complete apathy to Callie's fate.

    She's going to wipe out from existence. Then, Benson tries to display the real gotcha but it was too little, too late. Another thing, how do build up a fight between Callie and Marcel, the Ender of Death, and backpedal so damn hard away from it? The character death wasn't really shocking. Again, although better than Callie, I never like them that much anyway and the inside scoop to their thoughts was not enlightening. It really is a shame because Benson had such a great idea.

    I say this every review of hers but I really do think that Death as a corporation is an ingenious idea. But I felt like she was trying to do Buffy and all she ended up was with weaker version of it. Also, there are absolutely no zombies. The book blurb lied. Downright lied. Mar 10, Mary Brebner rated it really liked it. I've got to be honest with you, the first half of this book is a hot mess. There's way too much going on and between the flipping between points of view at the toss of a coin, random flashbacks and unfocused yet multiple directions this story was taking, I seriously considered DNFing it.

    But I'm glad I didn't. One of the main reasons I didn't is because the first four books in this series are witty and compelling, following the story of Callie Reaper-Jones as she makes poor choices in her love li I've got to be honest with you, the first half of this book is a hot mess. One of the main reasons I didn't is because the first four books in this series are witty and compelling, following the story of Callie Reaper-Jones as she makes poor choices in her love life and tries to navigate the world of Death. With this fifth book which I believe is the final book in this series , all plot arcs merge and snarl before finally smoothing out into a cohesive story that rather neatly ties it all up in a bow not the happiest-ever-after bow but a bow nonetheless.

    The Man in Gray is out to merge worlds and, in doing so, destroy not only Callie but all of humanity and Callie has to figure out a way to stop him before she disappears forever.

    6,000 years of death, conquest and obsession

    There are other evil beings who also want a piece of Callie because it can't be as simple as just one guy wanting to end the world, right? Personally, I would have liked the story to stay focused on Callie. She's a fun character -- goofy and awkward and totally not prepared for the responsibility thrust upon her when her father died.

    She does the best she can with what she's got but so many people have tried to sabotage along the way that she still doesn't have confidence in her abilities. But the story is fractured into multiple shards told by characters I liked but didn't really care all that much about, especially when all I really wanted to know was what was going on with Callie. If this truly the end of the series as I suspect, it did well tying everything together and I look forward seeing what Amber Benson produces next. Dec 19, Rachel rated it really liked it.

    The Golden Age

    Ahh, so. I started this back in January, read about pages, and then stopped. I feel like my inability to read books quickly has nothing to do with how I like them; it's a personal flaw. My reviews almost always include an explanation like this one about why it takes me so long to read these books.

    Anyway, this past week I felt more motivated to read, and because this is the one I've been putting off for over a year, I made myself read until I was finished. So, I believe this is the last one o Ahh, so. So, I believe this is the last one of this series, and it was really good.